United Cast Bar Limited. was formed in February 1998 by the merger of three of Europe's most prestigious continuous cast iron bar foundries: Eurocast Bar Limited (UK), Starkey's Technicast Limited (UK) and Cast Profil SA (Spain), together with their associated stockists and service centres.

Bringing together over 120 years experience into one group of companies, United Cast Bar developed a synergy for technical and manufacturing procedures, quality systems, control parameters, commercial rationalization, and supply logistics. From this base United Cast Bar has created the Unibar brand of products.

This business process resulted in the formulation of United Cast Bar's group wide 'Procedure For Best Practice', accompanied by a structure of contained costs which reinforce and guarantee our competitive position in all markets.

United Cast Bar strengthened and extended its sales structure and logistics network by providing a manufacturing base to produce over 80,000 tonnes of Unibar, with over 20,000 tonnes permanently held as standard stock in its foundries and distributors, throughout Europe, North America and the Far East.

Our aim with Unibar is to establish standards of quality, consistency and customer service that exceed current market demands, and to provide the best technical and commercial support.

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